We set out to add value to life through manufacturing for import substitution, transforming semi-finished materials or raw materials into finished products. Presently, our core business strategy is to provide local, value-added products and services with global appeal that meet the basic needs of the populace through manufacturing. We keep adjusting to the dynamic business environment of production of essential needs. We are invested in building local manufacturing capacity to boost international trade through increased local value addition of international standard.

We draw strength from our track record to deploy strategic marketing techniques that resonate with market dynamics with a view to helping organizations creatively and innovatively achieve their business goals and objectives. Also as a general merchant company – logistic + supply+ marketing support we offer result driven solutions that leverages on analytics and detailed metrics to deliver a predictable ROI. Consistently, we employ unique propriety tool that strategically integrate the elements of marketing management (Ideation, Strategy, Design and Implementation) to deliver customized solutions to our clients.

We are always on our toes to pick up production and supply briefs to any destination safely and timely at competitive rates. Our supply chain relies on seamless logistic planning and delivery that transverse local and international boundary. We combine deep market insight, knowledge, track records and unique methodology and strong strategic alliances to design innovative solutions to our clients. We offer value innovation through strategic distribution networks to increase buyer value and reduce costs.

Value Offering

We are creating partnership platforms to serve the interest of our community of stakeholders for impactful business relationships that are socially responsible to address the need of all.

The challenge in investing strategically to assure stability and relevance continue to threaten the existence of sustainable investment. We provide innovative investment strategies that do not only align with the purpose, goals, and vision but also assure sustainability. In order to be on the part of profit we continuously strive to make our offerings viable and competitive in the market place.

Since competition in the present market environment is always growing steadily we are also looking at rapid expansion to serve a growing market. Sales conversion is all about product and service presentation. At Cemabod, we design innovative and creative marketing strategies to present our products and services to break even in the market.


To become a leading manufacturing company that provides essential needs in emerging markets.


To drive Africa’s economic transformation by fostering economic growth and empower lives across different markets.